Interpretation Booths: A Comparison Between Tabletop & Full-Size Booths

If you have an event scheduled, and if you need this event interpreted into different languages, then you will need to get an interpreting booth, or possibly even multiple interpreting booths. The reason is because interpreting booths enable an interpreter to sit inside, and to interpret the speakers of the event while, while preventing his or her speech from disturbing attendees of the event.

There are two basic types of interpreting booths: tabletop booths, and full-size interpreting booths. Here is a comparison between each type of interpreting booth.

Tabletop Booths

Tabletop booths are booths that are made to be portable, and which sit on top of a table, as the name suggests. They are partially soundproof, but not fully, because the back is not completely enclosed. In order to operate a tabletop booth, and interpreter puts the interpreting equipment inside the booth, and here she places his or her upper body inside the booth. Then he or she listens to the speakers and interprets the speeches while speaking into interpreting equipment inside the tabletop booth.

The primary benefit of tabletop booths is that they are small and can be easily set up and broken down by one person. So they can be much more convenient for a single interpreter to operate.

Full-Size Booths

Full-size booths are much more intense than table top booths. Full-size booth are completely enclosed structures which can stand alone. These structures have four walls, a ceiling, and even a ventilation system. The interpreting equipment is placed inside of the booth, and the interpreter sits in a chair inside the booth and speaks into the interpreting equipment. Unlike tabletop booths, full-size booths are completely sound proof.

Full-size booths are much larger than tabletop booths, and they require more than one person to set up and break down. However, they are often seen as the better option because they are completely soundproof, and because they can fit more than one interpreter inside. In fact, full-size booths can oftentimes fit as many as three or four interpreters inside.

Choosing the Right Option

Generally speaking, tabletop booths are better for smaller venues because they take up less space. However, full-size booths can be better for larger venues because they are more soundproof, can handle multiple interpreters, and larger venues have the space to accommodate them.

Regardless of which option you choose to go with, you will need to make sure that you place the booth close enough to an electrical outlet, because the interpreting equipment will have to be plugged in. Whichever route you go, booth tabletop booths and full-size booths are excellent interpreting options.

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