Amazon Web Services re:Invent

For the annual Amazon Web Services re:Invent, we were brought in by the award-winning Opus Agency to provide interpreting services. The four-day re:Invent conference is a gathering of Amazon Web Services customers and a non-stop stage for announcements, innovation, and upcoming technology breakthroughs.

AWS Las Vegas - Translators USA

We’re proud to been chosen by the prestigious Opus Agency and to have worked seamlessly with their planners to achieve a successful event.

Backstage - AWS - re-Invent

In 2016, we led language interpreting services for the massive event, which involved 16 interpreters (ASL, Japanese, Chinese, Korean), 11 full interpreting booths, 53 radio transmitter set-ups for 53 individual rooms, plus Wi-Fi and radios.

AWS - Conference Interpreting

Language Services: Conference interpreting

Company: Amazon

Event: re:Invent

Date: December 2016

Venue: The Venetian and two other hotels in Las Vegas

Languages Interpreted: 10 ASL Interpreters on scene all day, as well as Amazon’s own Japanese, Korean and Chinese interpreters

Interpreting Set-up: 11 Full booths, 53 radio transmitters (set-up in 53 rooms) for 4 days, Wi-Fi interpreting and radios

Number of interpreters at the Event: 16

Event Planner: Opus Agency