Benefits of Conference Interpretation Services

The Numerous Benefits of Conference Interpretation Services

Your business has gone global, but now you must meet with company representatives from all over the world to collaborate. By using a conference interpretation service, your business can function in today’s global marketplace and start accessing additional markets anywhere in the world. As of right now, the only thing holding back your business from expanding into other countries is the language. With interpretation services on your calls and at your business meetings, you can break down that barrier.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting involves a team of professional interpreters. Interpreters are given a sound proof booth. An interpreter listens to the speaker on the earphone and interprets simultaneously while the speaker continues speaking and delivers the message through the microphone. Whispering interpreting is considered as a version of simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter listens to the speaker and whispers the message to listeners. For a whispering interpreter it is not possible to interpret for more than two listeners at a time. Another form of simultaneous interpreting is called “Tourguide”. This is used, in exceptional cases, in small meetings. It is a roving microphone used by the interpreter, whereby the interpretation is fed back to the delegates through headphones. But this can make the interpreter’s life more difficult as there are often acoustic problems.

Reaching Larger Markets

Regardless of the industry you’re in, your business can benefit greatly from moving into the global market. Just about every industry has a global counterpart, including retail, food and even home goods. By using conference interpretation services, you can host conferences for potential business partners and clients from all over the world without having to learn different languages and without their having to learn yours.

Showing Respect

Some countries and cultures feel that not understanding their language is disrespectful. By having a conference interpretation service at your next meeting or event, you can not only show your respect for understanding another country’s language but ensure that your messages are conveyed in an appropriate manner without offending different cultures or countries.

Avoiding Costly Errors

The world of translation and language adaptation is complicated. If you misinterpret or do not understand a language entirely, you can make costly mistakes down the road. Not only could you misunderstand critical negotiation terms but you can accidentally mistake an agreement for a rejection. Having a conference interpretation service present can help you avoid any costly errors associated with not speaking another language fluently.

Choosing the Right Option

Even if you are fluent in additional languages, conferences are busy and often difficult to keep up with, especially if they are not hosted in your native tongue. By having conference interpretation services by your side, you can ensure that your own interpretation of the conference’s events is accurate.

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