Best Conference Interpreting Services for 2024

For many, returning to “business as usual” is closer on the horizon after nearly two years of coronavirus shutdowns. Life has demanded global industries to adapt their communication and conferencing methods, but the need for cross-lingual services hasn’t slowed. When it’s time to deliver an important message to the rest of the world, worldwide companies rely on language interpreters. At large or small events, here are the top conference interpreting services available.

What is Conference Interpreting?

Interpretation is a live, real-time translation from one language to another. Whenever there’s a conference or event delivered to an audience of multiple languages, a conference interpreter is required.

A professional interpreter often has expert knowledge in the subject matter. For example, an interpreter hired for a medical convention would likely be trained and experienced in the medical field. This way, important terms and industry information can be translated with the greatest accuracy.

There are three types of conference interpretations.

  • Consecutive: The interpreter listens to a few sentences of the speaker or interviewer and translates them to the audience. This is often used in business conferences or court hearings where a question and answer format is present.
  • Simultaneous: An interpreter relays the full verbal presentation of the speaker simultaneously without stopping, usually matching his or her tone for emotional context. Simultaneous interpretation is often used during training sessions, general conferences, and speeches.
  • Whispering: Whisper interpretation is only needed for small, private meetings between one or two people. It’s often used during interrogations, private tours, or business negotiations.


Video Conference Interpreting

Virtual and hybrid conferences can be interpreted successfully with modern technology. Using the designated video conferencing platform such as Zoom or Google Meet, a third-party translator joins the call to provide live interpretation of the conference. He or she relays all the information from the speaker to the rest of the audience in their language.

Conference Interpretation for In-Person Events

Some of the most popular interpretation services occur for events that are held on-site. Global conventions, demonstrations, and live meetings all require conference interpreters. Using special interpretation equipment, interpreters sit in a soundproof booth with a headset that delivers live audio from the original speaker. Using a microphone, the interpreter translates the presentation in real-time to speakers of a different language.

ASL Interpretation

You’ve likely noticed at certain events that there are ASL (American sign language) interpreters near the front of the stage. ASL interpreters translate speeches in a simultaneous format for the hard of hearing. Those who use sign language to communicate can view the interpreter to receive the full presentation. ASL interpreters fill the essential role of increasing accessibility measures at any conference.

Professional Interpreters for Your Next Conference

No matter what type of conference interpreter you need, there are outstanding services available to make sure your event runs smoothly for all to enjoy. If you need to hire a specialized interpreter or simply want a conference interpreting equipment rental for your translator, reach out to Translators USA.

We’ve had the pleasure of delivering accurate conference interpretations for organizations like ULTA Beauty, HBO, Nissan, Harvard University, and more. Contact us to get your free quote today.

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