Can You Have a Video Call in a Different Language?

Can You Have a Video Call in a Different Language?

While the global COVID-19 pandemic has hit some businesses hard, it has also opened up new opportunities. As your business finds its footing in this new economy, many employees are working-from-home. You are also having to look outside of your normal base for partnerships. As you extend your reach, you may find a wealth of new connections located outside of your own country. When you are pursuing cross-cultural business relationships, you will conduct meetings in different languages.

The truth is that it is not difficult to have phone calls and even video meetings that require translation. It is a simple process and you can use the software and hardware that you already have. Here is a breakdown of what you need and how you can hire a translator for phone and video calls.

What Do You Need for a Translated Video Call?

Translators USA has a team of interpreters who are qualified to dial in and assist you on video calls. This is an enormously valuable resource. If you open the door to make international connections, without being inhibited by a language barrier, your revenue potential will increase. You can remove any limits by having a simple system in place to conduct phone and video calls in other languages.

For a translated phone call, you will need:

  • A high-quality phone connection
  • The ability to download an app

It’s very simple: you will hire one of our translators, schedule the call and all conference in. The call will be facilitated on an intuitive app that mimics common platforms everyone is used to, like GoToMeeting or RingCentral. You will get used to the rhythm that includes pauses between speaking while the translator relays your messages back and forth.

It’s important that you hire a company that vets their translators for these services. This is because your language will be nuanced and full of idioms. You want to be sure that you have an expert interpreter onboard who facilitates seamless translation.

Go here to learn more about Translators USA’s interpreted phone call services.

For a translated video call, you will need:

  • A phone, tablet or computer with a speaker and webcam
  • A reliable connection

Video remote interpreters are trained to work well over a video connection. This means that their self-presentation and translation work is impeccably professional.

Video calls are as easy as phone calls. You will simply work within the provided system, which utilizes an easy interface and dashboard. Dial in, connect, and have your meeting attended and translated by an expert interpreter. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to adjust to this style of communication and the opportunities it provides you in terms of international business meetings and connections.

Go here to learn more about Translator USA’s Video Remote Interpreting Services.

For any of our services, you can click here to request a quote.

FAQs About Phone and Video Interpreting

When you have a legal document that needs to be translated into another language, you need a reliable company. Translators USA is proud to have provided certified, legal document translation for many years. We have worked with personal clients and corporations. Our translators are immensely qualified and can provide efficient and accurate interpretation services. Click here to request a quote for the translation of your document.

Interested in more? Grow your business globally by hiring translators for video remote interpreting services, live event interpretation and more. More information about the broad range of services we offer can be found here.

Here are a few answers to some additional questions you may have about phone and video business translation services.

Is it expensive to hire an interpreter for a phone call?

Phone interpreters are not expensive. You may pay a flat fee per minute for either phone or video interpreting. When you consider the value of cross-cultural communication, most businesses consider the cost to be negligible. It is significantly less expensive to hire a phone interpreter on an as-needed basis than to have one on staff. You can do this by finding an organization with a network of professional translators. Go here to learn more about what Translators USA can offer.

How do I hire an interpreter for a video call?

Video remote interpreting services are a great way to do business internationally. When you want to branch out and make global connections, you shouldn’t let a language barrier BE a barrier. Overcome it by hiring an on-demand, as needed video remote interpreter. Translators USA has interpreters who speak every language you could need. Go here to request more info.

How does video remote interpreting work?

VRI was traditionally a service provided for people who are hard of hearing. It has extended now to include videoconferencing, live, on-site interpretation and other real time services. Essentially, all parties in a conference or meeting will dial into a shared connection with a professional interpreter. The conversation will be relayed in real time so everyone is in full understanding. This is an important business tool that you should set up.

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