Cross-Cultural Business: Translation Services

Cross-Cultural Business: Translation Services

Cultural boundaries can set a huge limit on your earning potential. Picture this scenario: two companies. Both companies have an eCommerce business. They source local materials, outsource manufacturing, and sell online.

Both companies discover a new source for the raw materials they manufacture. These are produced in a small country in Europe. That country is multi-generational, family-owned, and very culturally entrenched. In other words: they haven’t sold their goods to foreign companies before and don’t have communication structures in place to do so.

Company A sees this new source full of barriers, including the complete inability to communicate with owners. They leave this opportunity and continue with the status quo.

Company B, however, gets online and looks for “how to hire a business translator.” They find a company like Translators USA and realize they can hire video interpreters, audio interpreters, and document interpreters at a reasonable cost. This cost won’t even touch the potential profit if they can partner with this new sourcing business.

Where do you think these companies end up?

Translation for Business Partnerships

You don’t have to get lost without translation: you can hire translation services that even the playing field and give you access to new partners and clients. The reality is that the world is changing. The opportunity to buy ethically sourced, handcrafted materials is more appealing than ever to consumers. When people research the origins or stories of the products they buy, you have to be sure you are providing the very best.

What’s more, certain industries have seen an immediate and ongoing disruption to supply chains due to the COVID-19 crisis. What happens when your suppliers simply aren’t available? Turning to international, foreign sources may be a powerful opportunity during this pandemic that transform the nature of your business.

How to Hire a Business Translator

As the world shrinks, anything is possible. There are numerous industries that can benefit from a business translator. These interpreters will be well-trained and completely competent. There are a few questions people ask about this process.

Why Not Just Use a Translating App?

For casual conversations, or as a fun experiment, you may pick up Google translate or another app to try to communicate with a speaker of another language. While this can pick up with remarkable accuracy a good amount of your speech, this service is inadequate for any business dealings. This is because there are standards and protocols in place for international business deals. If you are discussing anything contractual or legally binding, for instance, you need an official translator. It’s important to hire the best. Go here to learn more.

Are Business Language Services Expensive?

Any large broker of business language services will be competitively priced. Translators USA is proud of our accessible pricing. If you hire us, you can be assured that we operate with the utmost integrity. Our founder created this business after encountering endless barriers in a legal process that required translation. His vision is to meet the needs of people who find themselves unable to communicate. We have an extraordinary track record of success and have served embassies, foreign governments, institutes of higher learning, and businesses around the world.

Can I Get a Business Translator for Any Language?

The remote nature of potential business contacts could have you wondering if you’ll be able to actually find a translator. The good news is that when you hire a company like Translators USA, you don’t have to hunt for this yourself. We have an extensive, global network of qualified translators. Many of our translators are certified and can perform the highest level functions and work in legal capacities. If you tried to hire someone yourself, you may encounter challenges in communicating with them yourself and in understanding the difference in dialects and other nuances to their skills. We vet all of our translators so you know that you will get an interpreter who is competent and qualified for the job.

Hire a Translator for Your Business

At the end of the day, this process is about expanding your network and connections. Your ability to reach out to new suppliers, to diversify your product offerings and to forge meaningful partnerships can provide you with endless benefits.

Let’s get started. Tap here to request a quote.

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