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Most of society today operates on the foundation of documentation. Without written documents, countries worldwide would not have strong education systems, functional economies, or access to travel. Language and communication are what help people of all cultures thrive. When you need a document translated quickly, you’ll want to know where to get the most accurate translation for an affordable price.

Need help? Translators USA has comprehensive translation services. Read on to learn more.

On Demand Translation Services

Before seeking a certified document translation, clarify what type of documents you have. Expert translators are also professionals in their specific fields of study, which ensures the accuracy and validity of translated documents.

Legal Document Translation Services

If you need legal translations for court papers, tax forms, criminal cases, or lawyer contracts, hiring a legal document translator can save you a lot of stress and confusion. Legal translators are well-versed in the U.S. judicial system and can convert your written documents into your preferred language, so all people involved can comprehend the matter at hand.

Medical Document Translation Services

Medical document translators are trained medical workers who are simultaneously certified translators. Perhaps you or a loved one is visiting the U.S. from overseas and has a medical emergency. You might need individual medical information translated into English, or you may require U.S. hospital documents to be translated for when the person returns home to their doctor.

Medical translators will make sure all the important health information is properly documented in the correct language for the safety and recovery of the patient.

Corporate Document Translation Services

Since business is global for many companies, the need for corporate translation is higher than ever. Corporate documents include accounting files, professional contracts, office accreditation, and more. Don’t try to translate these important documents through online AI translators, as those aren’t as accurate with the many lingual nuances in business.

Immigration Certified Translation Services

Immigration involves a lot of paperwork. Most countries require official papers to be in the dominant language of the country. Although over 43% of the world is bilingual, be advised that having a friend or family member try to translate official documents is risky. Overall, professional translation will save you time and money.

Document Translation Process

To translate a document, you need to:

  1. Fill out an online order form on a trusted translation company’s website.
  2. Input your personal information, including your language, what language you need a translation into, and your preferred delivery method.
  3. Upload the original document you want to be translated.
  4. Complete any additional fields to customize your order.
  5. Submit your translation order online.
  6. You’ll soon receive an email with a PDF or downloadable file of your translated document.

If your document doesn’t fit within the scope of the online order form, you can contact the translation company directly by requesting a quote from an expert.

Find Document Translators Online

Getting a certified translated document can be easy with online professionals at Translators USA. To get an estimate of how long your translated documents will take, fill out this form.

We have over 9,000 linguists who can translate over 150 languages. Contact us today to get the most accurate translation from human translators— never robots.

Immigration Paperwork Translation

Anyone who moves to the United States must first get their documents translated to English properly before undergoing the immigration process.

Original documents that are required by the USCIS must be in English. These may include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage or Divorce papers
  • School transcripts
  • Financial statements
  • Police records

It’s highly recommended that you seek professional translator services for these documents. It can save you time and money, ensuring faster document approval.

Legal Paperwork Translation

Any paperwork dealing with court or legal matters should be translated by someone who is a professional in the legal field and who can accurately translate the document. Many bilingual lawyers specifically offer translation services for this purpose.

Medical Document Translation

Medical documents follow the same general rule. You want to hire a translator who is a medical expert so they know how to properly translate the terminology used in the medical field. This also saves you and healthcare providers legal trouble if any errors were to be made.

Translate a Document: Translators USA

At Translator USA, we have over 15,000 professional translators with skillful knowledge of specialized industries. If you need certified translations for any document, visit our document translation page. You can upload your paper and we’ll have the certified translated document delivered to you in English by your preferred date.

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