Government Translation Services

Government Translation Services

Now more than ever, receiving accurate information is crucial. This is especially true when it involves government organizations. Language translation and interpretation services play a major role when it comes to communication. These services must provide information clearly and precisely. Otherwise, mistakes could arise.

Even minor miscommunications could risk diplomatic relations or transactions. Translation services are an essential position in government agencies. Because there is so much at stake: choose wisely! Read on for info and insight into how to pick a translation agency for your government or government connected business.

History of Diplomacy and Interpretation

When it came to diplomatic translations before modern times, the parties involved would decide a lingua franca, or shared language. This could be a mix of languages, like Haitian Creole, or a more commonly spoken language, like French, to make interpretation easier. For example, in 1814 at the Congress of Vienna, the four major European countries in power all spoke French. Hence, their lingua franca.

Other options for communication included each party writing their message in their own language with proper translation or writing their message in the native language of the receiver under the guidance of a translator. In the modern age, agencies like Translators USA have whole teams of qualified translators that speak hundreds of languages and dialects. Easy, affordable and regular interpretation is more accessible than ever.

Roles Translators Play in Government

Translators hold a variety of titles and responsibilities in the government. Some of these include:

  • Language Analysts
  • Language Specialists
  • Cryptologic Linguists
  • Medical Interpreters

If you’re looking for a translator, you can hire from:

  • Translation agencies – these provide services like legal support, live interpreting, transcription, ASL interpreting, call center support and website translations.
  • Freelance Translators – these provide services like editing, proofreading, marketing, social media, literature review, copywriting and chat support.

When it comes to government translation, you don’t want to use machine translation. You run the risk of errors and communicating incorrect information.

Translators USA is the perfect agency for your interpretation needs. We offer free quotes and dozens of translation services to accommodate text, audio or video interpretation.

How a Government Translator Can Help You

When businesses and individuals use government translators, the lines of communication are open and there are opportunities for growth, understanding and future business.

Government translators are hired to assist with:

  • Business documents
  • Legal documents
  • Immigration paperwork
  • Inter-agency communication
  • Extra-agency communication
  • Webinars
  • Meetings
  • Diplomacy
  • Any cross-cultural communication

It’s vital that government agencies and the people dealing with them hire interpreters who are amply qualified. Only a professional will be able to adequately communicate, capturing the nuances of spoken or written language, and provide a useful service.

Translators USA and Government Translation

Translators USA has an extraordinary track record of success and has served embassies, foreign governments, institutes of higher learning and businesses around the world.

We work with the city of San Antonio on a weekly basis and are experienced in helping local governments and school systems communicate important information about health, safety, education and government policies in languages their communities can understand.

As diplomatic translators, we know the importance of the job and are highly qualified. Here’s what we promise to do:

  • Offer high-value communication from our skilled linguists
  • Have the knowledge required for each translation, diplomatic or not
  • Maintain confidentiality and professionalism

At Translators USA, we hire professional translators. These are people who are equipped with all of the important linguistic and localization understanding to facilitate the highest levels of transactions and exchanges. We’ve worked with government agencies, large and small businesses and individuals. Let us help you with expert services today. Click here to get started.

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