Now Hiring: Video Remote Interpreters

Translators USA is one of the most trusted translation companies in the country. We have expanded our professional translation services to include video remote interpreting services (VRIS). This service will be led by expert translators who have additional skills that will shine during video interpretation calls. 

VRIS Staff Requirements:

To qualify as a candidate for our video interpreters team, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be fluent in at least two languages
  • Have an articulate speaking voice
  • Be confident to present on video calls
  • Adhere to professional conduct and presentation standards

You will need a minimum of technical abilities and equipment. This includes:

  • A fast and reliable WIFI connection
  • A video and microphone enabled smart device, such as a laptop computer or tablet
  • A quiet, professional background environment

VRIS Scope of Work

Being a video interpreter is a great job with long-term potential. Remote interpreting is an ever-present need for businesses and individuals. Translators USA has a wide variety of clients who rely on our exceptional translation services. If you qualify and are selected, you will join a prestigious class of fellow translators.

  • As a video remote interpreter, you may be expected to do work that includes:
  • Professional translation for business meetings, legal exchanges and numerous other industries
  • Fast-paced, accurate translation for “face-to-face” video meetings
  • Regularly scheduled meetings and conference calls
  • Immediate or short-notice availability for video conferences

How to Apply

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