How Important is it to Hire a Professional Translator?

How Important is it to Hire a Professional Translator?

As machine-based systems and translator apps improve, you may find yourself wondering: how important is it to hire a professional translator? Not every situation may require a real, live interpreter. But, some do. Here’s a breakdown of where your business could benefit and when you should take the step to hire a pro

Benefits to Using an App for Translation

We all live search-heavy lives. From asking Google or Bing where to eat dinner to where to find emergency care, we rely heavily on the intuition of the internet to make life choices. But when it comes to business, there are different elements on the line.

The truth is, app-based translation services are improving every day. They are getting easier, more intuitive and more nuanced. This elevation opens the door for the use of apps in more scenarios. For example, you can now use machine translation on dating apps to connect with people who speak other languages. You can also use translation apps when you are traveling, giving you access to ask for directions or the nearest restaurant. These are all great uses.

Drawbacks to Using an App for Translation

While translation apps work great in a lot of contexts, there are some drawbacks. For instance, most apps like these have a huge quantity of data, which means that you must stream the content. There are lags and delays in delivery. There are also a set quantity of vocabulary words and no ability to interpret context or tone. These drawbacks make using a translation app a very sketchy choice in a business setting. When real money is on the line, it’s worth it to make a professional hire. There are a lot of pros to doing this.

Benefits to Hiring a Professional Translator

Professional translators are just that: professionals. They have undergone rigorous vetting to ensure their qualifications and abilities are in line. Human translators, as opposed to app translators, can be certified for official documents. There are additional benefits to hiring a professional translator:

  1. Cultural sensitivity: people who work as professional translators are trained to understand and respond to cultural imagery, traditions, expectations and protocol. This can have immense value if you are using video remote interpreting services or are using a translator for a live meeting or phone call. They have the ability to quickly respond with appropriate behavior every time.
  2. Consistency: professional translators have consistent services. They will be available in real time to attend meetings and offer exceptional work. This is an important element, as your ability to function well at all times can make or break international business deals.
  3. Special terms: depending on your field or industry, there may be many specialized terms and phrases. This complex terminology can elude an app or machine-based system, creating a murky and unclear (even confusing) interpretation. A translation professional will be well-versed on how to communicate and use the right, technical phraseology to get your message across.
  4. Qualifications: when you hire a translator, you have some freelance options or you can hire from a firm, like Translators USA. Freelancers may be very talented but, truth be told, there is no universal vetting process that can ensure that they are. If you don’t speak a language, you may have trouble knowing if the translation you are getting is accurate and professional. A firm will vet professionals on your behalf, ensuring that they have all of the knowledge and abilities that they claim.

Hire a Translators USA Translator or Interpreter

Translators USA has a long track-record of providing exceptional, professional translators for our clients. We have worked with governments, institutes of higher learning and all kinds of businesses. There is no project too big or too small for our nimble team of qualified translators. When you need the highest quality experience, you can be sure that you will get it with us. Contact us to learn more and get started.

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