How to Get a Document Translated Into and From English

English is the most widely spoken language in the world today, but less than 1.5 billion people speak and write it fluently. For anyone with a language barrier, this can bring challenges when traveling to an English-speaking country.

Moving or traveling to a different country requires the necessary legal documents to be readable in the national language. Even though converting documents from one language into English can be confusing, the good news is there are many options available to fulfill the translation process.

Learn how you can find the right certified translation method to make sure your documents will be easily approved.

Google Documents

Google Docs has a document translator option. You simply write and edit in your original language, then apply your preferred language in the translation settings.

While Google Translate can help decipher simple words and phrases from one language into English, it doesn’t always correctly format documents enough to be presented in fluent English.

Microsoft Word Documents

It’s also possible to translate documents using Microsoft Word. With its newer software settings, you can translate specific headings, words, or paragraphs into a different language; even entire documents. This can be helpful for simple school projects, learning how to accurately write in a different language, or sending casual documents to peers. However, if you need a certified translation, these types of Word processors won’t suffice.

Certified Translation Services

A certified translation is required for important documents like birth certificates, college diplomas, medical records, and legal forms. Sometimes a friend or family member can sign off as a certified translator. But this can raise the risk of your papers getting rejected if the translation isn’t in fluent English.

Your best option would be to hire a certified translator who specialized in the specific type of document you need.

Immigration Paperwork Translation

Anyone who moves to the United States must first get their documents translated to English properly before undergoing the immigration process.

Original documents that are required by the USCIS must be in English. These may include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage or Divorce papers
  • School transcripts
  • Financial statements
  • Police records

It’s highly recommended that you seek professional translator services for these documents. It can save you time and money, ensuring faster document approval.

Legal Paperwork Translation

Any paperwork dealing with court or legal matters should be translated by someone who is a professional in the legal field and who can accurately translate the document. Many bilingual lawyers specifically offer translation services for this purpose.

Medical Document Translation

Medical documents follow the same general rule. You want to hire a translator who is a medical expert so they know how to properly translate the terminology used in the medical field. This also saves you and healthcare providers legal trouble if any errors were to be made.

Translate a Document: Translators USA

At Translator USA, we have over 15,000 professional translators with skillful knowledge of specialized industries. If you need certified translations for any document, visit our document translation page. You can upload your paper and we’ll have the certified translated document delivered to you in English by your preferred date.

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