How to Translate Legal Documents the Right Way

Making sure you have the right documents you need for legal matters can be stressful. When dealing with two different countries or languages in these cases, it can feel even more daunting. Having the correct documentation for government certificates, corporate contracts, or court hearings is crucial. Read on to learn how you can correctly translate the legal documents you need.

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What to Do if You Need Legal Documents Translated

Legal documents are required for civil cases, business disputes, official certifications, patent filings, company regulations, government forms, immigration papers, and more.

Many people need multilingual documents for personal or professional obligations. Follow these five steps to get the most legitimate translation possible, no matter which type of document you need.

1. Compile the Documents to Be Translated

First, get organized. Gather all the documents required for your upcoming case. Documents may include birth certificates from another country, traffic tickets, immigrant filings, affidavits, witness claims, or any other forms suggested by government officials.

Put all the documents in an organized folder, whether they be physical copies, digital PDFs, or a combination of the two. Having everything ready will avoid confusion and make it easier for the person translating your documents.

2. Know the Purpose of Your Legal Documents

Do you know the goal of the documents you need to be translated? Are you trying to win a court hearing or filing a dispute? Perhaps you’re creating a contract for your business, or maybe you are finalizing an alimony agreement.

Knowing the purpose of your legal documents will help the translator know which language to use and offer the best translation possible for your situation.

3. Get Advice from a Legal Expert

At some point during the process, you might consider getting help from a lawyer or legal advisor. There are attorneys who speak multiple languages who can help with both written and verbal communication. This is ideal if you need someone to offer ongoing advice or have numerous hearings over time.

4. Select a Certified Translation Provider

Whether you need multiple documents translated or a simple form converted to English, find a certified translator to make sure all your documents are legible and valid. Government standards must be met, so getting it done right the first time will save you time, money, and potential legal consequences.

5. Complete the Translation Before Your Deadline

In addition to finding a certified translator who can get the language and format done correctly, you’ll also want to make sure you get everything completed quickly. Deadlines and important dates must be met to avoid fees. Get the translation services you need completed at least several days before your due date.

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