How Translators USA Ensures Top-notch Quality.

How Translators USA Ensures Top-notch Quality in Document Translations

Our translators go to great lengths to ensure clients are provided with truly accurate and timely document translations.  We recognize each project is highly unique with a number of idiosyncrasies.  As is often said, the devil is in the details.  Certain clients require the translation of documents used for international business while others need legal, insurance or real estate documents translated to perfection.  Each translation project requires its own unique solutions yet we have an overarching system applicable to all documents that guides the process to a conclusion that proves mutually beneficial for all parties.

Setting the Stage for a Successful Translation

We establish a deadline based on each customer’s unique needs and desires before diving into translation itself.  Tell us when you need your document translation completed and we will work in accordance with your nuanced timetable.  This deadline ultimately dictates the time, personnel and other resources dedicated to the specific project.  The type of document to be translated and the languages in question also matter a great deal.  Provide us with this basic information at the outset of the process and we will prepare accordingly.  Once we have this overarching information, our team will be able to get to work.

Establishing the “Informational Skeleton”

Certified translations must be accurate in terms of information as well as format.  It is not enough to merely translate text word-for-word.  Subtleties such as signatures, seals and stamps must also be accurately translated.  Furthermore, the format must be identical to that of the original document.  Otherwise, the party or parties who receive the translated document will likely be confused and delay acceptance or even reject the document entirely.  Once the “informational skeleton” is established, it is time to put the flesh on the bones in the form of text translation.

Selecting the Proper Professional Translator for the Project

No single translator is knowledgeable or qualified enough to translate every single type of document.  Certain documents require translation from a professional with a specific certification.  As an example, the translation of a birth certificate or academic diploma will require the expertise of a specific translator.  Medical records, legal documents and other highly complex document translations also mandate certification to boot.  We pinpoint the perfect professional translator for each specific project to ensure the end result is authentic and accurate.  The bottom line is it is not enough to simply find a linguist fluent in the languages in question.  If you need a specialized document translated, you can trust Translators USA to provide a translator with the appropriate language skills and experience in the subject matter in question.

The Application of the Proper Certifications

Every certified translation is provided with an attached certification page that confirms the accuracy and completeness of the document’s translation.  It might be necessary for such certified translations to be notarized in order to comply with the nuanced requirements of the organization or country designated as the recipient.  This work is performed by a public notary credentialed to attest to the certification page signature.  It might also be necessary to add Apostille or an extra layer of certification for document translations destined for delivery to a foreign nation.

Comprehensive Editing and Proofreading

You need and deserve a certified document translation void of all errs.  Put your faith in Translators USA and you will receive an absolutely flawless document perfected through extensive editing and proofreading.  If desired, we can send you a draft for review to ensure you are satisfied with every last detail prior to the printing or transmission of the final version.

Contact Translators USA for Document Translation

Our translators are available to translate your document(s) in accordance with your unique timetable and nuanced requirements.  Give us a call at +1 888-790-8872 or send us an email at to find out more about our meticulous document translation process, learn about our interpreter services and coordinate a translation/interpretation tailored to your specific needs.

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