Importance of Business Translation

Importance of Business Translation

Translating services for business are becoming more imperative as the globe shrinks and economies become intertwined between countries. The world is growing smaller from a business perspective and doing business overseas is necessary to expand markets and maintain company profits.  There are reasons to translate – Inbound and outbound translating. Any outbound translations must be impeccable; inbound translations for internal use could perhaps be less than perfect to get the message across.


  • When you decide to do business overseas and before you make initial contacts, be sure to have your marketing and sales materials translated accurately into the language of the country in question.
  • Well in advance of your initial contact with over seas partners you should seek out a reliable translation service to convert all important business documentation prior to your contact. This is only prudent and professional.
  • Ask for references from your translation service of choice from satisfied customers and don’t be swayed by low quotes. You must be sure the company is up to the task of translating your information accurately, in timely fashion and their customer service must be impeccable especially if this is your first time using a translation service.


  • Be sure they have qualified personnel translating your material and that they understand intricate language terminology and dialects so as not to make any embarrassing mistakes in the translation process.
  • It would be helpful if the person doing the translation services had an understanding of business and the terminology specifically used in your business practices.
  • You may want to ask for assistance from the government agency in charge of economic development or even immigration services of the prospective country you will be doing business with for a referral and speak to the translation service personnel first.
  • If you know of other corporations who have successfully started businesses in your country of choice you can perhaps ask them for a referral of a translation agency that they have used successfully.
  • Another tip is to speak to your English language newspapers and university language departments and ask them about translation services for the country in question. Perhaps even a business editor/ journalist could suggest or even assist you in initial interpreting and translation services in-country for [inbound] service. They could assist you offsite remotely back to your own country until you find a service you are comfortable with at home that can do it all for you.


The point is to be creative when considering doing business overseas and translation services are a huge part of that business. Arrange for an interpreter of your own to meet you when you arrive. Try to find the assistance you will need immediately when you get there to provide in-country, on site business language assistance. If you are well prepared and have the time before you make initial contact; source out an all in one service that can provide everything you will need to make sure you can communicate effectively with your prospective business partners and hosts.

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