Language Service Providers for International Businesses

Entering into a new international market can be complicated. Language Service Providers (LSP) are here to help you navigate your global expansion and can be invaluable to your business.

Proper translation is more than just exchanging words between languages. It requires careful attention to detail and, at times, cultural context. LSPs—like the ones here at Translators USA—are professionals who understand the intricacies of business translation.

They can help your message be heard clearly in the global marketplace. Let’s learn more about LSPs and how they can work with your business.

What Are Language Service Providers?

LSPs are part of rather sophisticated project management businesses that offer a wide range of language services. Most of all, they are the communication liaison for international business affairs.

While you might think their job stops at translation, that’s not quite the full story. LSPs often provide their expertise in situations related to:

  • Local customs
  • Information on local markets
  • Product presentation

Having someone who speaks the language fluently can be a key part of your success. For example, sometimes a more nuanced approach to cultural dynamics is necessary. In this situation, an LSP can provide localization services to better engage with a local market.

What Do Language Service Providers Do?

LSPs are in charge of handling day-to-day communications, documents, contracts, and any business or personal dealings that require a language professional. They provide comprehensive language services to help your business navigate international markets.

They can help you with:

  • Translation
  • Proofreading
  • Interpreting
  • Language learning
  • Localization

The scope of these services will depend on the business. Some full-service LSP offer these services and much more. Finding a good match for your business will depend on your volume, target languages, and overall marketing strategy.

LSPs for Business

A good LSP can become an integral part of your international business strategy. These professionals work under strict standards and are proactive in providing you the data and information you need.

While it might be tempting to enlist the help of machine translators they often fall short of services required for international business. Moreover, they have been known to pose security threats.

Partnering with a quality LSP will ensure you have an ally when it comes to language and communication. They often become an essential team player that helps projects get done successfully, transparently and on time. Because they become so essential to international business, it is necessary to find quality LSPs.

International Business Translators

When dealing with business translation, you want to make sure you are working with professionals. Fortunately, most LSPs catering to international business will require individuals in the organization to hold specific education requirements and certifications.

While this will vary, often language professionals will have an MA in translation/interpreting. Additionally, some organizations require certification from the American Translators Association(ATA) for higher-level work.

Finally, some translators within the EU may hold a membership with the International Federation of Translators. This professional group is associated with over 100 organizations and represents over 80,000 translators.

Hire a Language Service Provider From Translators USA

At Translators USA, we only work with language professionals. We’ve partnered with government agencies, individuals, and large and small businesses. Additionally, we are members of the ATA.

We aim to partner with businesses like yours, providing quality translations and exceptional customer service. We are ready and able to work with your individual needs and offer a whole list of services to grow your business. To learn more about how we can help, go here.

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