Language Technology and Higher Learning

Language Technology and Higher Learning

Throughout the world, more people than ever have access to higher learning through virtual programs. Wherever students live, they can get a university education without having to get a student visa or move across an ocean. While this is a great opportunity, it requires some translation infrastructure.

When dealing with concepts at a collegiate level, machine translation is obviously not an option. Universities have different departmental standards and protocols in place for translating classes and materials. As classes become digital, there has been a transformation in the process. Many universities use translation agencies for things like virtual classes, live-streamed classes and translating written materials and tests. In this case, not just any agency will do.

Translation services vary in scope and quality.

Translators USA has a history of working with universities and institutes of higher learning. Whether we have facilitated conferences or translated materials, this requires adherence to a high standard of work with minimal allowance for mistakes. Our rigorous editing processes ensure that you always receive work that is immediately shareable. With this international distribution in mind, only the best will do. If you work for a college, are a college student, teach or have additional interest in hiring Translators USA, contact us here.

Read on to learn more about language technology and higher learning.

Technology-Based Teaching

Pedagogy has been transformed with the advent of digital classes and online work. The reality is, many college professors now cover at least one or two online classes. When they do, the geographic reach of their students broadens. This breadth reaches into international territories, where students of all backgrounds and first languages can come and benefit from higher learning.

The linguistic principles known by a professor in an unrelated field may be minimal. In other words, an engineering professor is hardly going to accommodate localized language or be savvy about reducing colloquialisms or regional speech. This makes it impossible for real time translation to occur in any way other than by a trained, human translator.

All of the digital transcripts in the world can’t truly capture the vocabulary and important concepts being conveyed in college courses. That is why the technology being used isn’t machine-based. The technological mechanisms used to translate university classes may include the following.

  • Translating syllabi or course materials: bulletins, announcements, notices, the official syllabus, text-based materials, professor-authored texts and more should be made available to speakers of other languages. When this is done by professional interpreters, it will be of the highest standard that leaves no room for miscommunication.
  • Translating tests and written copy: exam materials and written copy are part of any college course. When gauging a student’s understanding, it’s important that questions are crystal clear. Some exams will qualify students to proceed in a course of study or for a professional certification. These must be expertly translated.
  • Live interpreting of classes: many students now have the opportunity to go online to receive remote education. This is a great service but only if a student can fully understand what’s going on. For classes that are repeated each semester, this initial investment can create a long-term resource for professors to offer to international students.
  • Conference interpreting: educational conferences and symposiums are a valuable part of higher education. They should be made available to as many students and faculty as possible. Translators USA offers expert conference interpreting for colleges and universities.
  • Video remote interpreting services: when conferences or even courses have a video component, these also can be translated in real time by expert interpreters. This service ensures that the high-value provision of video courses is available to all students.

Hire a Translators USA Translator or Interpreter

Translators USA is proud to offer all of these services to students and professors around the world. We have over 9,000 linguists who are capable and qualified to translate at this level. When college credits are on the line, it’s essential that students are given every advantage to understand and interact with important materials. For more information on Translators USA services, go here.

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