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One new addition to Birmingham is the development of 140,000 square foot Innovation Depot. It is a sprawling tech development center where entrepreneurs and venture capitalists iron out negotiation details. It’s a hotbed of innovation that keeps the tech pipeline flowing with new ideas. Diversity is another prime reason why Birmingham is earning respect; the largest percentages of individuals who are making innovation pitches are female, mostly African Americans and Asians.

Steel may not be as crucial to the city’s economy as it was in the past, but several steel product manufacturers have a significant presence in Birmingham. Companies include American Cast Iron Pipe Company, U.S. Steel, and Nucor. Many residents are employed by health care conglomerates such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Liberty National, Protective Life and Infinity Property & Casualty.

A pop-up city after the Civil War, Birmingham was officially established in 1871 at a location where major railroads were expected to intersect. In remembrance of its heritage, Birmingham is proud to have the historical museum Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

Clearly, Birmingham is a mecca that lures a diverse workforce as well as hopeful entrepreneurs. For those living in the eastern U.S. and dream of creating a new business, it is more economically feasible to convene in Birmingham than in California.

The Magic City is regarded as an important business and financial center in the South and is home to Regions Financial Corporation bank. Embracing artificial intelligence and technology startups, Birmingham is now making a bid to become the Southern Silicone Valley. Two attributes which make the region so palatable is its stunning beauty and low cost of living. Silicone Valley has been on the lookout for a suitable location in the East and has identified Birmingham as fertile ground for harvesting opportunities.

Birmingham, also called “The Magic City” was the hub in the South for steel production during the manufacturing surge a century ago. It earned its nickname for its rapid population explosion between 1881 and 1920. Birmingham is situated on a slice of earth where three necessary minerals for steel production occur naturally: coal, limestone, and iron ore. In 1904, when the World’s Fair was in St. Louis, officials in Birmingham commissioned the construction of the now famous Vulcan statue. The statue was created as part of its admission requirements to participate in the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Vulcan is the second tallest cast iron structure, following the Statue of Liberty. The purpose of the 55-foot tall replica of the Roman god of fire and forge was to draw attention to Birmingham’s robust iron and steel industries.


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