San Jose, California

Hosting more than 7,000 tech businesses, San Jose has been billed as a mecca for tech startups. The third largest city in California is an incubator for startups; nearly 35% of all venture capital funds are injected into those located here. The technology industry employs more than a quarter of a million people in what is commonly referred to as Silicon Valley.

Drawing people from across the globe, the nation’s 10th largest city is extremely diverse. After their latest survey of 500 cities, WalletHub placed San Jose second as the nation’s most linguistically diverse. In regards to demographics, there’s almost an even distribution of Whites, Hispanic/Latino and Asian.

San Jose is distinct in that it received a 1974 government grant, making it a United States Foreign-Trade Zone. Only 17 other such zones have been established in the U.S. Many of the companies in San Jose employ more than 1,000 workers. The city is home base for Adobe, Cisco, PayPal and Samsung Semiconductor. Other top players that are expanding their presence in Silicon Valley include HP, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Netgear, TiVo and VeriFone.

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Economists note that the job market in San Jose expanded by 2.5% in 2017. They forecast it will soar 42.2% in the next decade. The national average for the next 10 years is 38%. With such a demand for top performers, unemployment is consistently low; it’s currently 2.9%.

Employees work hard and when away from the office, they enjoy their downtime. The SAP Center is a magnet for attracting major acts, including expos, trade shows, and high-impact seminars. For those who wish to enjoy the performing arts, there is an abundance of theaters that feature anything from to Broadway. San Jose also offers the Silicon Valley Ballet, the Symphony Silicon Valley and the Opera San Jose. History buffs can journey back many centuries at an Egyptian Museum, the Little Italy San Jose Cultural Center and Museum or the Japanese American Museum.

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