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Your premier destination for professional language solutions in Atlanta. Businesses and individuals alike turn to us for top-tier translation and interpreting services, guaranteed to meet your needs with precision and affordability. Our team of accredited and certified linguistic experts undergoes rigorous ongoing training to ensure unparalleled excellence in every project we undertake. It’s no wonder we’ve earned the Better Business Bureau’s highest A+ rating, reflecting our unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Your peace of mind is assured when you choose Translators USA. Ready to experience seamless communication? Order your translation services now.

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We offer a range of service from document translation, Interpreting services, and much more. Download our brochure for a full list of all or services.

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Looking for Interpreters for your Conference in Atlanta?

Conference interpreting is our specialty. We’re experienced working with event planners to ensure business functions are understood with crystal clear clarity in every language. Contact us to discuss your upcoming event, and learn more about our expert linguists. We’ll be happy to provide language professionals for events at Georgia International Convention Center, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta Expo Center South, and Atlanta Expo Center North, or anywhere you choose to hold your event. Choose from a wide range of interpreting services for conferences and business events.

A rapidly growing global city, Atlanta is becoming more diverse in its demographic and linguistic makeup as well. Although English is the only language spoken at home by a large percentage of Atlanta’s residents, Spanish and Asian languages are the next-most common, according to U.S. Census data. Although many Americans are bilingual, there are occasions when it’s necessary to hire translator or interpreter. We’re proud to serve the immigrant community and those on the path to American citizenship. We can provide expert translations of birth certificates, as well as all your personal and legal documents. Order your translation online here.

Our highly skilled translators are available for: translation of birth certificates, to have driver’s licenses translated, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, translations of legal contracts & patents, wills and trusts, power of attorney, translation of immigration documents, naturalization paperwork, translation of police records and judgments, translation of adoption paperwork, school transcripts & diplomas translated.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest translators in the city, but we guarantee you’ll receive the highest quality service at the most competitive price. Our Atlanta-based language specialists have the training and expertise to provide you with a wide range of personal and corporate translation and interpreting services. Order with complete confidence knowing we’re rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please don’t hesitate to contact our language masters in Atlanta for your translations and interpreting needs. We’re on call for you seven days a week.

Services Overview

Document Translations

Explore our comprehensive document translation services to seamlessly convert legal documents, healthcare records, marketing materials, and more into any language you require. Learn more about our document translation expertise.

Live Interpretation

Our live interpretation services ensure clear and accurate communication in real-time, whether you’re conducting business meetings, conferences, or legal proceedings. With a network of skilled interpreters, we facilitate smooth multilingual interactions whenever and wherever you need. Discover the power of live interpretation with Translators USA. Explore more.


In need of precise transcriptions for your audio and video recordings? Look no further than our transcription services. Our team specializes in transcribing various content types, including interviews, meetings, lectures, and more, delivering meticulous transcripts tailored to your specifications. Trust Translators USA for accurate and timely transcriptions. Learn how we can help.

Industries We Serve

  • Legal: From contracts to court documents, our legal translation services ensure accuracy and confidentiality in every translation.

  • Healthcare: Trust us with your medical documents, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and clear communication with patients.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Accurate translation of pharmaceutical documents is crucial for global regulatory compliance and effective communication within the industry.

  • Website & Marketing: Expand your reach with localized website and marketing materials, tailored to resonate with your target audience in any language.

  • Financial Services: Ensure precise translation of financial documents, maintaining accuracy and compliance in the financial sector.

  • Personal Documents: Whether it’s birth certificates, diplomas, or immigration documents, we handle personal document translations with care and confidentiality.

  • Education & Government: Partner with us for translation services tailored to schools, universities, municipalities, and government agencies.

Proofreading Services

In addition to our translation and interpretation offerings, we provide meticulous proofreading services to ensure the accuracy and fluency of your translated content. Our experienced proofreaders meticulously review each document to guarantee linguistic and grammatical precision.

At Translators USA, we take pride in helping Atlanta businesses and individuals thrive in a global marketplace through effective language solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific translation and interpreting needs, and experience the difference with Translators USA.


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Translators USA is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau for translation, interpretation and transcription services.