Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha has earned its spot on an elite list – one that recognizes cities with an unemployment rate under 3%. This is good news for those earning a paycheck, as employers know they must pay top wages to retain top talent. Companies are adding more perks to employees, including more generous paid time off. The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce created a 5-year initiative to attract more high-performing individuals, with a goal of adding 10,000 new workers by 2024. This concerted effort is paying large dividends, as it is luring technology companies to relocate.

It’s also on another coveted list; per capita, it ranks in the top 10 where billionaires choose to live. One of the wealthiest, most prominent billionaires is Warren Buffett, or the “Oracle of Omaha”. He is chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a multi-national holding company that wholly owns GEICO, Helzberg Diamonds, Dairy Queen and DuraCell among a host of others. The highly-diversified city is home to several more industries, including telecommunications, insurance and finance. Six national fiber optic companies make their headquarters in the state capital. Other major employers, and Fortune 500 companies, in Omaha are Union Pacific Railroad and Mutual of Omaha. It’s also home to First Data and LinkedIn.

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Omaha has seen its share of boom and bust years in prior centuries. It was a hitching post for settlers in the 1800s, and a stopping point for those headed farther west. It was the groundbreaking site for the First Transcontinental Railroad, which ignited the economy in 1863.

Around the same time when railroads were laying tracks, there was another important industry contributing to Omaha’s development: the founding of the Union Stockyards. Four other major meat packing companies were soon calling Omaha home. Fast forward to 1950: about 50 percent of the residents were working in processing or packaging meat.

Today the city continues to generate excitement for residents and tourists alike. Omaha constructed one of the top zoos in the world: the Henry Doorly Zoo. This habitat features the world’s biggest nocturnal exhibit, as well as space for an indoor swamp. And under the dome is the largest indoor desert across the globe. In the past four decades, more than 25 million visitors have visited the zoo, making it the top attraction in the state.

Being such a vibrant city, Omaha became a melting pot. It attracted many immigrants who created their own ethnic enclaves: the Irish, Germans, Italians, European Jews, as well as African Americans who were fleeing the South. There was also an enclave called Little Bohemia.

This blend of individuals added to the earlier population of American Indians. Logan Fontenelle “White Horse” was a trader who only lived for 30 years (1825 – 1855). More importantly, he worked as an interpreter to the U.S. Indian agency in Nebraska. He played an integral linguistic role while the U.S. negotiated with leaders in Omaha about ceding land.

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