Richmond, Virginia

Richmond has seen its share of military campaigns since the early days of our nation. During the Civil Way, it bore the name of the Confederate Capital, and even designated its own White House. The occupant was Jefferson Davis, then president of the confederacy. Today, it is home to a robust concentration of state and federal agencies, including major corporations and financial institutions. Further, many IT and semiconductor companies have migrated to Richmond in the past decade. This growth has made the city a focal point in the Silicon Dominion along the Eastern part of the U.S.

Virginia’s capital is home to the Fifth Federal Reserve District, making the city a financial nerve center for an industrially strong and diverse Eastern seaboard. Banking plays a significant role in employment. The latest unemployment rate is 4.6%, below the national average. In 2017, the city was proud to add 10,000 new jobs to its health economy.

Richmond is headquarters for Anthem and Philip Morris. Many other large corporations have a strong presence in Richmond, including Capital One, the largest private employer of the city. Other major employers are HCA, Virginia Commonwealth University, Mazda, Kraft Food and Alcoa. These companies hire a diverse group of workers from across the state.

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With the growth expansion in Richmond, many companies are finding it an ideal city where they can host a business meeting or convention. More than 25 hotels are available throughout the city and offer rooms of a wide variety of square footage to meet almost any need. Many facilities even offer eco-friendly facilities. Some of the events that attract domestic and foreign audiences are athletic competitions, entrepreneur events, trade shows, even the Virginia International Auto Show.

The city also appeals to those who ascribe to the cultural and performing arts by proving a home to the Richmond Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, they offer plays and musicals.

Richmond was a hub of activity in the days before, during and after the Revolutionary War. Inside Richmond’s St. John’s Church, Patrick Henry delivered his famous speech “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.” The City offers many places for curious site-seers, starting with the American Civil War Museum and the White House of the Confederacy. The region was a critical theater for many battles, and it continues to draw people by the thousands who wish to relive the its history.

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