More Than Words: Localization Translation

More Than Words: Localization Translation

As more businesses leverage the power of our expert interpreters, we want to speak to the importance of localization. At Translators USA, our translation work is more than just shifting words from one language into another. Yes, there is the all-important attention to grammar, syntax, tense and other technical considerations. But professional translation isn’t a one to one correspondence. The best translators can capture and convey meaning.

The heart of human communication isn’t just about the words we use but the meaning they carry. And as you communicate cross-culturally (whether professionally, for legal reasons or personal reasons), it’s vital that the essential meaning of words is conveyed.

Localization is the opposite of globalization. Excellent translation isn’t a level set where we all say and mean the same thing. Instead, professional translators are in-tune to the nuances and cultural dynamics in play with cross-cultural communication. In business or in personal documents, meetings or videos, this is the power of hiring an interpreter.

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The Value of Localization

Localization has significant value. This is the difference between a wooden, immobile transaction and a living, breathing conversation. Translators USA is equipped to provide a full scope of translation services that keeps this reality in mind:

  • We will provide a strategic perspective of your project, giving you the exact work you need
  • Our professional and polished translation can be delivered in print, audio or video
  • We will design the end product to be sure that you are receiving the exact document translation, live event or video translation services you need

All of these are done with a perspective of localization. Localization asks these kinds of questions:

  • What cultural norms are informing this communication?
  • How is this exchange of ideas hindered or improved by local mentalities?
  • What localized ideas, preferences, beliefs or expectations are a part of this cross-cultural exchange?

A translator has localization in mind to prevent misunderstanding between two parties. This awareness offsets any errors or miscommunication, which is vitally important both for business and personal translation.

Hire a Culturally Sensitive Translator

Another way of framing the concept of localization is in terms of cultural sensitivity. Culturally aware translators understand that cross-cultural communication isn’t just about vocabulary and linguistics. There is a deeper understanding of motive and meaning. This is the essence of human communication and can actually transform the outcome of an exchange.

At Translators USA, we hire professional translators. These are people who are equipped with all of the important linguistic and localization understanding to facilitate the highest levels of transactions and exchanges. We’ve worked with government agencies, large and small businesses and individuals. The scope of work we can achieve for you is unparalleled and will surpass your expectations. This is the way to optimize the power of language. We are here to provide expert services to you. Go here to get started.

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