What is an Apostille Certification?

An apostille is an international certification, it’s comparable to a notarization. An apostille is often added to documents that have been signed by a notary, lawyer or public official, such as the clerk of a court of record.

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What Countries Require an Apostille?

If the country where your document will be used is a party to the Hague Convention, your documents will need to have apostille certification. How do you know if you need apostille certification? Here’s a list of countries that are members of the Hague conference and have agreed to the standards. Countries not listed will often still require an apostille, but will then also require further legalization via their embassy. Please contact us for guidance on your document.
States that didn’t sign the Apostille Convention must specify how foreign legal documents can be certified for use. Sometimes two countries will have a special treaty concerning the recognition of each other’s documents, but usually not. When the country issuing or receiving the document does not recognize an apostille, you must usually take the document to the consulate of the foreign country you need to certify, a process which is known as “consular certification.”
A certified and notarized translation has been certified to be accurate by a government or translator. Certified translations are normally also verified for official use by a notary public. We make obtaining a certified and notarized translation a smooth process. Get a free quote.


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