Telephone Interpreting Service

What happens if you need to make an important business call – only the other person doesn’t speak English? With Translators USA, telephone interpreting services are just a phone call away. Our unique telephone interpretation service, TUSA-LINK, gives you instant access to over-the-phone interpretation in 150 languages.

Now, everyone in your organization can get access to on-demand language interpretation, from your executives to your sales directors and IT department. And your account is all conveniently tracked and managed online. Contact us now to set up your account, then you’ll be ready to make calls in any language 24/7.

We offer a range of service from document translation, Interpreting services, and much more. Download our brochure for a full list of all or services.

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What is TUSA-Link?

Available to all industries, Translators USA’s 24-hour telephone interpreter service combines integration of communication technology with tremendous linguistic resources. Within moments, one of our interpreters will come on the line with you and the Limited English-Proficient (LEP) party with whom you wish to speak.

And because it’s your own dedicated conference line, you can make this unique tool available to the people within your organization who need access to on-demand language interpretation most—executives, sales directors, legal professionals and more.


TUSA-LINK is the 24-hour telephone interpreting service that matches you with interpreter on the spot. Think of it as your very own interpreting concierge. Within moments of dialing, one of our interpreters will be matched to you, based on the industry expertise and language you need. Then your interpreter will join your call and begin interpreting between you and the Limited English-Proficient (LEP) party you wish to speak with. It’s that simple.

  • Call the party you wish to speak with
  • Dial your dedicated TUSA-LINK toll-free number
  • Enter your secure Access Code
  • Enter a Language Code to be connected to an interpreter (or dial “0” for a customer care representative)


What you get with TUSA-Link

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