Video Remote Interpreting

In a world of business and personal interactions where video access is crucial to success, you may need to hire video remote interpreting services.

Translators USA levels the playing field, offering expert translation work that gives everyone an equal opportunity to communicate. Our professional translation services have aided businesses, government organizations and individuals. We are now extending our offerings to include video remote interpreting services (VRIS).

What is VRI?

Video remote interpreting is a service to provide a steady, trustworthy flow of communication between two parties over a video call. In today’s remote work environment, video conferencing is a daily occurrence. When this happens, traditional audio or even print translation is inadequate. In order for clear, straightforward and real time communication, you need to hire a video remote interpreter.
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We offer On Demand Video Interpreting Services for a wide variety of languages. To learn more click on the button below to download our VRI Brochure for a full list of supported languages.

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How does VRI work?

Video Remote Interpreting services provide video telecommunication over a device that has a camera and a microphone. When two people who speak different languages are having a video call, a third party joins to translate. There are a variety of platforms that can facilitate this exchange. It is simple, straightforward and easy to use.

Translators USA only uses expert translators who are perfectly equipped with the translation skills and technology to seamlessly join video calls. Once a call is arranged, the translator will be hired and present information back and forth. This is a simple, elegant and highly effective way to do business on a whole new level.

Who needs VRI?

Translators USA serves clients in numerous fields. Whether you work for the government or a small firm, we can help. Our world class translation services have provided text and audio translation services for years to our robust client base. Now, due to increasing demand, our services will include expert, real time video translations.

We have clients in a wide variety of fields. If you work in any of these (or anywhere else!), Translators USA has the VRI that can meet your needs.

The globalization of any and every kind of business necessitates streamlined communication. This must occur cross-culturally, which often means there can be a language barrier to overcome. Translators USA effectively removes that barrier to your business, creating crystal clear communication that helps you achieve your goals.

How can I hire a remote video interpreter?

Translators USA has video remote interpreters for hire. This may be to meet a recurring or one-time need. You can learn more and request a quote for VRI services by clicking here.







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