Advanced Intelligent DSP RF Receiver 12-Pack (72 MHz) LP-51-072-01



Perfect for any system where multiple channels are needed, our LP-50-072-01 Advanced Intelligent DSP RF Receiver 6-Pack makes it easy to quickly increase your venue’s assistive listening availability.

The LP-50-072-01 includes six (6) of our LR-5200-072 RF receivers, which give your assistive listening users an option for high-performance audio in a compact device with best-in-class pickup and reduced noise. The built-in rechargeable battery technology makes the LR-5200-072 an economical and environmentally friendly choice, reducing the costs of operation and ownership while offering extended use. Each unit features a micro-USB connection which, in addition to being used for quick and convenient battery charging, also allows for fast and simple firmware updates, with free iDSP software setup, and programming.


Our all-inclusive 12-pack of Advanced iDSP receivers, lanyards, charging tray, and more, ideal for expanding an existing 72 MHz RF system.


Twelve (12) LR-5200-072-P1 Intelligent DSP RF Receiver Package 1 (72 MHz)*
One (1) LA-381-01 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray (North America)


*The LR-5200-072-P1 comes with an ear phone/neck loop lanyard, universal ear speaker, quick start guide, and a non-proprietary field replaceable Lithium-ion battery.

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