SoundPlus® Medium-area Infrared (IR T2) System IR SY4



Building on years of infrared audio delivery expertise, Williams Sound is pleased to introduce the new SoundPlus® IR T2 commercial-grade, medium-area infrared transmitter. Its sleek, compact footprint is ideal for assistive listening and language interpretation in commercial spaces such as conference rooms, assisted living facilities, small cinema/theaters, classrooms and courtrooms. The new IR T2 infrared transmitter offers 50 percent greater coverage than the previous IR device (WIR TX75) and new control system readiness — all at a more affordable price. With a significantly wider coverage pattern and more power, there is no need for the additional expense of secondary units.


This system has replaced the now discontinued WIR SYS 7518 PRO.


(1) IR T2 Medium-area Infrared Transmitter
(5) IR RX18 Two-channel Stethoset Infrared Receivers
(1) CHG 518 Charger
(1) BKT 024 Wall/Ceiling Mount
(1) IDP 008 ADA Wall Plaque
(1) TFP 057 Power Supply


SoundPlus® Medium-area Infrared (IR T2) System IR SY4

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