Whisper Cube TB-0070



Each panel is built with exterior covering of expanded vinyl with special sound barrier of acoustic foam and MIL-B131-H laminating aluminium foil. The inside covering is made with decorative 100% polyester cotton 9 mm woven density, framing is high density PVC extrusion with unique connecting concept with industrial Velcro for easy assembly without tools.


  • Included soft side carrying case
  • Outside included case dim. 69,5 cm x 69,5 cm x 25,6 cm (L x H x D)
  • Double Plexiglas®
  • ATA shipping case


The Multi-Caisse Whisper Cube TB-0068 interpreter booth is a portable full isolation simultaneous interpretation booth for one interpreter. It is fully enclosed and can be assembled in under about 20 minutes without the need for tools. The TB-0068 interpreter booth once assembled takes up a footprint of about 20 square feet.

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