• Translators USA, LLC. is committed to providing cost-effective, high-quality translations efficiently and on time. We strive for the correct conveyance of your text in the language(s) and for the culture(s) requested. In order to guarantee this level of quality, Translators USA, LLC. selects the most accomplished and accredited translators from among the top professionals in their respective fields to provide translation services that ensure accuracy, correct grammar, and style.
  • All translations provided to our clients are kept strictly confidential, and all documents are stored in a secure environment. We will not release any information about our clients to third parties, without the client’s permission, unless we believe that such action is necessary to comply with applicable laws or legal processes. If requested, Translators USA, LLC. will sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to assure the confidentiality of the document(s) to be translated.
  • We promise our clients fair, professional treatment in an atmosphere that makes it easy and pleasant for the client to interact with us. We understand the importance of on-time delivery and put forth every effort to complete the translations in a timely fashion and within the agreed-upon timeframe.
  • Translators USA, LLC. warrants the correctness of its translations. Translators USA, LLC. will correct mistakes or errors that are clearly and unequivocally committed by Translators USA, LLC. at no charge to the client. However, if corrections are based on the client’s preference of style and/or terminology or in the event that there is more than one way to interpret the meaning of a source text, Translators USA, LLC. shall not have an obligation to correct mistakes or errors at no charge, unless preferences of style and/or terminologies have been communicated to Translators USA, LLC. prior to the start of the translation.
  • For translation projects of 50,000 words and above, Translators USA, LLC. has a policy of providing a free sample translation, in order to give clients a perspective of the translation quality and style that we provide before placing an order. The sample translation is typically 150 source words in length; however, Translators USA, LLC. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the conditions under which a sample translation is granted, including the size of the sample. We will generally not provide a sample translation of texts that are objectionable or offensive to us; can be considered objectionable, offensive, or harmful to others; and, texts we are not qualified to translate. If Translators USA, LLC. receives a translation order based on the sample translation that was provided, we will make every reasonable effort, without obligation, to use the same translator who produced the sample.
  • Under no circumstances shall Translators USA, LLC. be held liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages, harm, financial loss, or any other loss caused, at any time and under any circumstances. The client implicitly acknowledges the conditions of this disclaimer by entering into a business relationship with Translators USA, LLC.
  • The client agrees to be solely responsible for the use of our translations. The client is solely responsible for abiding by all copyright laws in any or all countries of the world. Translators USA, LLC. is not responsible for any infringements of copyright laws by clients. The client will not hold Translators USA, LLC. liable for copyright infringements through their use of our translation or through their use of any copyrighted material unbeknownst to us. Translators USA, LLC. reserves the right to refuse any translation without explanation. We will generally not perform a translation for which we are not qualified. We will not accept material that is objectionable or offensive to us or can be considered objectionable, offensive, or harmful to others.
  • Force Majeure – Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary, Translators USA, LLC. shall not be liable to the client for any failure to fulfill Translators USA, LLC. obligations hereunder if such failure to fulfill Translators USA, LLC. obligations is due to any labor dispute, fire, flood, law, governmental or political action, act of God, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Translators USA, LLC. In the event of any such occurrence, the time period for Translators USA, LLC. performance under this Agreement shall be correspondingly extended.
  • All disputes will be determined under the laws of the State of Texas. Upon litigation or arbitration, all parties agree that the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover cost, including but not limited to attorney fees, reasonable expenses, and mileage at the effective IRS rate.
  • Translators USA, LLC. reserves the right to change and amend these business terms at any time without prior notice. If you do not agree with these business terms, please do not use our services.
  • The price for your translation project will be based on your specific needs, such as the languages, formatting, editing, legibility of the documents, etc. After the scope of the project has been established, we will submit a written proposal.
  • Upon written acceptance of the submitted proposal by means of a purchase order or by written authorization to proceed by an authorized employee of the client, we will start work on your project. If you cancel your translation after you have ordered it, you agree to pay all charges incurred by your order. No refunds will be issued. Translated documents will be returned to the client via e-mail, FTP, or by regular mail.
  • Unless agreed upon otherwise in the proposal, payment terms are 14 days net. Any payment by the client, in any form, to Translators USA, LLC. is considered final and cannot be refunded.
  • Conference Interpreting Services need to be paid in full before the start of the event, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Late Payments are subject to a late fee of 10% after 7 days of the original due date.
  • Payments can be made by credit card, check, money order, or wire transfer.
  • If payments are made by credit card, the pertinent credit card information such as the credit card number, expiration date, and the name and address of cardholder shall be provided prior to the start of the translation.eck, please contact us for Local branch information.
  • If you wish to make payments via wire transfer, please contact us for account information.