The Global Website Question

When Skill Surpasses Talent

By skillfully translating your website you will potentially draw thousands more customers to your online platform from overseas. Website translation means that your communications will be devoured by the fresh eyes of hungry customers. Localizing and language conversion of a website can be an arduous task and will require immense skill sets and experience, and project management to coordinate the process. Translating a website will mean nothing but total accuracy, cultural understanding and advanced organizational skills will be accepted.

If you are now enjoying success domestically with your website, translating it can be one of the most cost effective methods of increasing revenues and expanding your market. You should be taking full advantage of the international market and the ease of reaching it that the Internet provides for businesses. Translation in itself is an art and transforming your website to global standards will require some unique skills and tools.

A combination of these along with a number of different specialists such as programmers and developer, human translators and translation software applications along with localization professionals (included with many translation services). As you can see translation is usually just a point of entry in this maze of conversion.

Although there are a great many languages you can translate to for your website, Spanish seems to be the most common primary translation. Spanish requires an incredible amount of accuracy, experience in culture and lofty organizational abilities. Internet usage among Spanish speaking people has grown in double digits over the past five years and is likely to continue unhindered. If your company website has the capacity to reach German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian and of course English, you are now marketing to 90% of the online global population!

No longer is the Internet owner by the English language. What began as an English invention and catered to English users is now quickly becoming a

world wide phenomenon with international usage exploding. Studies have shown that countries that previously dominated Internet usage such as the U.K., Germany, the United States and Sweden of all places are now gasping from the quick initial sprint of the Internet.

On the flip side countries like Hong Kong, Italy, France, Spain and Japan are experiencing an upswing in Internet users which has the experts excited because of the relatively stable economic markets in these countries. Breaking all the rules of past communication obstacles, the Internet’s viral like growth must be built upon and exploited. As a business organization taking part in the growth will mark you as a trend setter with an open mind for international commerce the very principle of the Internet based business theories.

Internationalizing a business website means localizing it to a new market or globalizing into world markets. Both mean going beyond simply translating but doing extensive market research, cultural testing and recognition and learning about your markets business and political stability and issues. Having a multi lingual website may sound like a great idea but unless you are prepared for the development tasks and the costs involved it doesn’t make much sense to jump into it.

Converting from an all English website means transforming a dynamic infrastructure online, translating page content, data bases, source code and proprietary applications into another different yet equivalent website. Not to mention that because websites need updating and occasional facelifts you have the ongoing drama of keeping two or more websites autonomously updated.

Remember that unless you are going to hire a professional translating service to convert your website your task will likely be futile. Website translation companies can handle everything from online help manuals to brochures, legal translating, e-commerce shopping carts, technical documents, data base transformation and most other complexities. A good translation Services company can provide you with a commercially successful website that is a multi language, global marketing instrument that will be envied.

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