Vaccine Records and Document Translation

Vaccine Records and Document Translation

In order to travel to and from many countries, certain vaccine records are required or highly recommended. For example, the CDC recommends that visitors to the United States receive Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines among others. When traveling, visitors must carry their proof of vaccination with them for required vaccines.

Of course, when traveling to foreign countries, your vaccination and medical records may need to be translated into a different language. Often, these records can be automatically translated into the required language. However, in some cases, the records may need to be translated by  a certified interpreter.

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Read on for more information about travel vaccinations and translation.

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination for Travel

With the first COVID-19 vaccines rolling out across the United States, it is highly probable that airlines and international customs offices will require proof of vaccination to travel. Travel frequency has dipped over the past year due to multiple quarantines and high COVID-19 numbers. Airlines and countries that rely on tourism are ready to safely open up their borders once more. To do this, many countries may require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

In fact, CNN reports that some IT companies are beginning to develop applications where travelers can upload documents that show proof of vaccination. Some of these applications will also utilize QR codes that customs officers and airline workers can quickly scan.

While airlines may accept QR codes in the place of physical documents, customs officers are more likely to require physical proof of vaccination. This could include a signed receipt of the vaccination or a special document from the country of travel that the traveler will have to have their practitioner sign.

Medical Translation and Interpretation

Traveling is not the only instance in which someone may need medical records translated. There are many reasons why someone may need medical information translated:

  • Applying for an international student and work visa
  • Traveling or moving abroad
  • Applying for dual citizenship
  • Business and government travel
  • Military deployments

In all of these situations, the person may need their medical records translated into a different language. Whether or not it is required for someone to get their medical records translated, anyone going to a different country should consider getting this service.

A few things that may need to be translated are vaccination records, immunization records and general medical records. Because medical language can be linguistically complicated, translation services are in high demand within the industry.

Medical Interpreter Requirements and Services

With such a great need for these services, it’s important to have a reliable resource for hiring a medical interpreter or getting medical documents translated. Translators USA can help: we have worked for government agencies and individuals, providing world class translation services. It’s vital that all interpreters and translators, especially those dealing with sensitive documents, are amply qualified. To put your mind at ease, and help you know what to look for if you hire medical translations or vaccine document translation, here are some of the requirements to professionals must have to become medical interpreter:

  • Complete a set amount of training hours
  • Receive a bachelors or masters degree in a second language
  • Be fluent in a second language
  • Achieve a certificate with the National Board for Certified Medical Interpreters or some other certification agency

Medical translation, transcription and live interpretation is offered through Translators USA among many other services. These services are used by government agencies, corporations and independent persons. Learn more about Translators USA here:

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