Technical Document Translation Services

Technical Document Translation

No matter which industry it is that your business is in, the one thing that you should not scrimp on is paying for good technical document translation services. In a world where a company’s main office may be in the US but the manufacturing plant is somewhere in Asia, instructions can get lost along the way. English may be a spoken or even a second language in a particular country, but it still pays to have any form of documentation translated in the vernacular.

Let’s lay out one scenario as an example. In Finland, the word Tappajasovellus means killer application. However, the literal translation of the word is “an application that kills”. Lives can literally be at stake especially if your business has something to do with manufacturing items using heavy equipment and machinery. If instructions get lost in translation, you will not only get undesirable results but you might also be putting a worker’s life in danger.

This scenario is precisely the reason why it pays to invest in a good technical document translation services provider. In addition to being familiar with the local language, the translator should be knowledgeable about the industry that you are in as well. This is because technical documents contain industry-specific terms which not all translators may be able to verbalize or put into writing.

What a Good Technical Document Translation Service Provider Does

Now, what does a good technical document translation service do aside from proficiently translating technical documents? Take a look at the following list:

  • A good translation services provider should have translators who are experts in specific industries. If you are in the medical field, for example, they should have a team of medical translators who can translate documents from English to Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Italian, etc. – or vice versa.
  • Efficient technical document translation services are very detail-oriented. Once the initial translation has been made, an editor should check on the correctness, accuracy of technical information, appropriateness and even the grammar or spelling of the document which has already been translated. There are even companies like Translators USA, Inc. which has a third translator which translates the document back to the original or source language so that any remaining errors can be eliminated.

By hiring a technically proficient, high-quality technical translation service provider, you can rest assured that no message or technical instruction will get lost in your way of doing business.

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